LUNEdot goes Kickstarter!

LUNEdot goes Kickstarter!

We have been selling LUNEdot in it’s basic version and we became great and helpful feedback from our first users, which we used to bring the concept to perfection and start prototyping new collection items such as an invisible base plate or the amazing candelabra.

We are confident that the time is right to move forward with production. The thing is, we want to continue to produce LUNEdot in Holland to keep our high quality standard and keep the production process flexible. But also we want to offer LUNEdot at an attractive and competitive price!

With the support of the Dutch Design Foundation, we are going to start a Kickstarter campaign on the 14th of november in which we hope to raise the funds that we need to scale up our production and invest in expanding our operation, developing additional products and reaching a larger audience.

We calculated that we need at least € 7.500 to be able to reach the necessary scale advantages for the basic set and the new invisible base plate. So this is the goal we set for this campaign. If we achieve it to exceed our goal, than we will be able to expand our operations in the field of sales and marketing.

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